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TFG will develop, deliver, maintain, support, and service the highest quality products to our customers, that today’s technology will allow.


The Fredrick Group, Inc. (TFG) is a leader in Manufacturing Management Software and Business solutions. TFG was founded in 1995 as a product support company which supported the IBM developed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products COPICS, CIMAPPS (SynNova in USA) and CAPOSS. In 1999 TFG purchased the intellectual property and business rights from IBM. TFG continues to provide product support to our customers still using these products. Today, TFG is focused on providing the robust power of the previously IBM products in the TFG4000 offering.

TFG is a privately held corporation, and is headquartered just north of Atlanta, Georgia.

The TFG experts have more than 130 years combined experience designing and implementing software solutions. TFG’s technical staff has over 100 years combined experience developing and supporting software products, including main frame and client server hardware and operating system.

TFG is proud of the best Product Support Team. We value our customers and understand that product support is the key to keeping our customers satisfied with their TFG relationship. One of our greatest strengths is that we truly listen to our customers, often incorporating request and ideas into our products

TFG remains on the cutting edge of product development and has differentiated itself not only by delivering software solutions that exceed the expectations of its customers, but also by offering the products at an affordable price.


Once upon a time, long ago (1972), deep in the IBM organization, some very smart engineers wrote a set of books. There were eight volumes covering twelve chapters and a system database design. As time passed, the books were nick named the “COPICS Black Books”. The actual programs, Communications Oriented Production Information and Control System (COPICS), based on the books, released officially in 1978. The COPICS product is still in use to this day. Even though the technology and terminology has changed, the concepts and business processes described in the books have not.

After a long career, working with and implementing COPICS at several companies, in 1995, I founded TFG to provide personnel to IBM to operate a COPICS support data center. In 1998, TFG officially assumed the COPICS Support responsibilities worldwide. In 1999, TFG purchased from IBM all of the intellectual property rights and business to COPICS, SynNova and CAPOSS (more on those products in future newsletters). During 1998 to the end of 2000, TFG was busy updating the product for the year 2000 processing. During the same period, TFG developed and delivered a Graphical User Interface (GUI) product (ScreenCanvas) for COPICS and SynNova, which ran on the Microsoft Windows operating system. ScreenCanvas allowed internal program logic to enhance the displaying of the COPICS and SynNova data. ScreenCanvas was the bases for developing the TFG4000 Product line. TFG4000 Business Process logic is based on the “COPICS Black Books” and the COPICS program logic. There you have it in a nut shell, the TFG4000 Heritage.

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