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TFG4000 System Administration

TFG4000 is easy to use software to help manage your business and is available in two Editions: Standard and Professional.

The Standard Edition includes Inventory, Sales Order, Purchasing and Work Order applications and starts at $19.95 per client per month.

The Professional Edition includes enhanced Inventory, Sales Order, Purchasing, Work Order, Material Scheduling, Warehouse (WMS) and Maintenance applications and starts at $39.95 per client per month.

Both Editions include Common (Shared) functions and System Administration functions.

Below is a quick comparison of the System Administration functions

Functions and Features Standard Professional
Application Control yes
Application Activation yes
Application Serial Numbers yes
Database Definition Display yes yes
Dropdown Control yes yes
Label Definition yes yes
Label Format Definition yes yes
Action Message Distribution by Message Number yes
Action Message Distribution by User Identification yes
Action Message Summary Display yes
System Setup (Edit ini File) yes
System Variables yes yes
Trigger Log yes
Trigger Status Display yes
Database Backup and Restore yes yes
Database Export / Import yes yes
Database Compact and Repair yes yes
Background Utilities yes
Background Low Level Code Reset yes
Background Material Schedule Regeneration yes
Background Inventory Transaction Import yes
Background Inventory Move yes
Background Material Requirement Rebuild yes
Background Bill of Material Recursive Check yes
Background Action Message Delete yes
Unit of Measure Conversion Definition yes
Currency Conversion Definition yes
User Definition yes yes
Signed On Users yes yes
User Summary Display yes
Security Control yes
Security by Application yes
Security by User yes

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