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TFG4000 Professional Edition
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TFG3000 (SynNova)
TFG2000 (Formerly IBM COPICS)

TFG3000 (Formerly IBM SynNova)

TFG3000 is a solution to the challenges of business production planning and control in a manufacturing enterprise. TFG3000 runs on a Mainframe based operating system using IBM DB2 as it’s database. TFG3000 is no longer available for purchase, but is still supported by TFG.

It was used for different types of production processes, including:

TFG3000 is a set of integrated application products, sharing a common architecture, aimed at the business processes within a manufacturing enterprise.

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Common Components provides the common services and functions required by all the application products. It is a prerequisite for the Application products. Financial Integration function is an additional feature of Common Components.

Application Products provides the application products for specific business processes, such as customer order processing, and material requirements planning.

Integration Functions helps you integrate your enterprise-wide business information and processes, especially within the production planning and control areas.

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